How 5 HVAC Contractors Sell More in Less Time

Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. recently interviewed several customers to gather insights into how our apps are working in the field. “We learned a lot from these interviews,” stated John Steidley, CEO and Founder. “I was particularity pleased by the strong positive reviews of our customer service. Our team is committed to customer service and creating value for our customers.”

Quentin Collins, President, Day & Night Heating & Air Conditioning Co., Fayetteville, NC, shared, “IMS has a great HVAC sales app. I have been using it for over one year and can say that I am extremely satisfied with not only the app, but also with IMS. The app is solid and easy to use; it fits well into my presentation and sales flow. I have been most impressed with the top-notch customer service that I have received. IMS is absolutely dedicated to product improvement and has been very responsive to implementing my requests to add features and other options to the app. IMS has delivered a solid and polished app and supports their product with top-notch customer service. The app enables me to provide an accurate and high-quality sales proposal within minutes, which allows me to spend more time building rapport with the client and selling jobs. I highly recommend IMS and their HVAC sales apps!”

“Sales Builder Pro enables my sales team to present our customers with multiple options during the presentation. We’ve seen an increase in high-SEER equipment sales, which I attribute to Sales Builder Pro’s easy-to-understand options format. When you give the customer options, they are less likely to shop around and more willing to sign your proposal,” said James Kester, Corporate Officer, Colonial Plumbing & Heating Company, Colonial Heights, VA.

"Estimating used to be a cumbersome process for our service team; with Sales Builder Pro, it’s so quick and easy that they’re quoting on the spot and closing 63% on replacement sales. It’s also cut my own estimating time by about 90%," explained Jon Sells, Owner/President, Jon’s Plumbing & Heating, Mt. Vernon, OH. “Having the ability to create a proposal on the spot, along with the professional appearance of the proposal, has helped strengthen our success in closing deals.” 

Eddie Smith, HVAC Manager, Michael & Son Services, Alexandria, VA, says, "My team has achieved 5% increases in both average ticket price and same-day close rate with Sales Builder Pro. The accessibility of information, customer engagement in selecting options, and proposal-building feature help us sell more in less time. The time savings is tremendous. We get more customer interaction time because we’re not spending time going into a price book, flipping pages and writing things down on paper. Without those distractions, we can sell more effectively, provide a smoother presentation and facilitate the decision-making process.”
"I was WOWed by the customer support and follow-through IMS provided. You went beyond the scope of service I expected, even helping us in other areas of our business," stated Lisa M. Coffy, Owner/CEO, Furnace World, Colorado Springs, CO.