An Interview with Eddie Smith, HVAC Manager, Michael and Son Services, Alexandria, VA

Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. caught up with Eddie Smith at Michael and Son Services to gather some insights on Sales Builder Pro. Eddie reported, “My team has achieved a 5% increase in both average ticket price and same-day close rates. The accessibility of information, customer engagement in selecting options, and proposal-building feature help us sell more in less time.”

Eddie asked his sales team for their comments; these sound bites summarize their feelings:


  • Sales Builder Pro helps with the presentation. I appreciate having all of the product information readily accessible in one place: It makes it easy to discuss different options, pull up brochures and discuss features and benefits. Before, we had to go from one item to another to another. Now with a touch of the finger, everything is right there.


  • Customers have said that they chose us because of the professionalism of our presentation with the app: “You gave us the most professional presentation.”


  • I like the good-better-best scenarios. Sometimes customers don’t remember after their purchase that we gave them that “best” option — now it’s right in the proposal. If a customer comes back to us now, we know that we did our job right in presenting all three options. Before, we might have second-guessed ourselves.


  • It’s great that the customer gets the proposal right then and there. We can email it to them and make sure they receive it while we’re still in their home. This capability brings the process full circle; the customer isn’t waiting or saying they didn’t get something.


  • I like the convenience and efficiency of being able to email directly from the app versus scanning or going back to the office.  Plus, because it’s electronic, not paper, a competitor who visits the customer after me won’t be able to see my proposal laying there and then underbid us. I like this privacy aspect.


  • The customer’s decision process is simplified: We can narrow the presentation down to just the options they want.


  • The add-on lists are helpful. Being able to select from these lists ensures that we don’t forget or omit things, subsequently losing money. This feature also enables us to provide more consistent delivery of the add-ons.

  • The time savings is tremendous. We get more customer interaction time because we’re not spending time going into a price book, flipping pages and writing things down on paper. Without those distractions, we can sell more effectively and provide a smoother presentation and facilitate the decision-making process.