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John W. Steidley
Founder & CEO
Some people are innovators ahead of their time.

Long before mobile phones and apps were commonplace, John Steidley envisioned a solution that would enable the mobile workforce to be just as connected, informed and engaged as those in a corporate office environment.

Armed with this vision and 25 years of experience supporting field sales and customer service employees around the globe, John founded Intelligent Mobile Support to bring an exciting new mobile support platform to the HVAC market. His company’s innovations connect your mobile workforce to experts and information that build their knowledge, credibility and sales potential.

The result? Your organization wins more business, elevates customer service and engages employees more powerfully than ever before. John’s interesting accomplishments:
  • Ph.D. in nuclear engineering, author, inventor and patent holder
  • 25-year marketing and customer support career at Philips Healthcare
  • Launched over 100 new products and options